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About us

The closed joint-stock company Russian Technology Group was formed in 1993. The basic directions of the firm activities are: development, manufacturing and delivery of the electrotechnical the equipment with the characteristics appropriate or exceeding the world level.

The firm carries out researches in the field of creation of insulation with superhigh parameters (300 kV/mm) and more), switching of the large currents (100 k and more), creation of high-stability sources of a high voltage (stability up to 0,01 %), powerful high-voltage diode blocks (more than 300 k in impulse), high-voltage forming lines, etc. Since the foundation of the firm it has developed about 200 types of new capacitors, 12 types of new power supplies, new samples of spark gaps RGU type, super-power diod blocks for installations of thermonuclear synthesis etc.

The staff of the firm consists of 52 highly skilled scientists, engineers and technical workers.

Having long-term close contact) with factories - manufacturers of the electrotechnical equipment in Russia, the firm has an opportunity to carry out the most difficult orders of an electrotechnical kind.

The firm participates in the international exhibitions. For the exhibits presented in 2002 and 2005 at the international exhibitions High technologies of a defensive complex and High technologies of XXI century the firm was awarded with diplomas of the government of Moscow for the achievement in the field of high technologies.

Among the Russian clients are such enterprises as the GNU Kurchatovs Institute, - Sarov, St. Petersburg, named after M.V.Hrunichev, Keldysh's Center , the Samara State space university named after the academician .P. Korolev and others. About 40 % of the whole production of the Joint-Stock Company " RTG " delivered abroad annually. The Buyers of the equipment are such firms as SIEMENS AG Germany, ITAC Ltd., Niigata Lab. Japan, INSTITUT JOZEF STEFAN Slovenia, KOREA TECHNOLOGY SUPPLY South Korea, SKYEASTOF Ltd. the Great Britain, Institute of Fluid Physics CAFP Chinese People's Republic and others. In three foreign countries the firm has its branches.


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