How to get production of our firm





How to get production of firm "RTG"

For the order of the equipment, specified in the given catalogue, it is necessary to direct inquiry with the instruction such as a product and its quantity:

  • On telephones:
    7 (495) - 970-50-91
    7 (495) - 970-50-91
  • The legal address: 109472, Moscow, street Tashkent, h.24, bld.1, bld.1
    the Post address: 111024, Moscow, 24, p.o. № 85.
  • On E-mail: rustgr2@yandex.ru
  • Having sent the order

The guarantee on all let out equipment not less than 12 months or resource, specified in characteristics, that will come earlier.

At the order more than 20 kinds of units of equipment are given the discounts.




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