Frequency capacitors for laser technology

with pulse frequency up to 500 Hz




Frequency capacitors
Brief description of Frequency capacitors

The pulse capacitors assigned for the working in pulse mode with the frequency of charge-discharge cycles up to 500 Hz. The capacitors developed for voltage 5-50 kV and have a plastic bodies. Capacitors can to work at vertical and horizontal positions. When capacitor discharges to the load, the voltage reverse must be not more 10 %. The capacitor resource, shown in the table, corresponds to that discharge mode and probability of faultless work as 0.9. If it is necessaryto increase capacitor resource or to work on oscillation mode, the operating voltage must be reduced up to value, are coordinated with fig ( 3 ), ( 4 ), ( 5 ).

The main technical characteristics

The capacity of capacitor may to deviate from nominal at 10 %. In the table shown internal inductance of capacitor, i.e. without the inductance of connections. The max. current of capacitor is 75 kA. The resource is shown for the case, when it discharges to the load with the max. voltage reverse not more 10% and the ambient temperature +20 °C. When the service conditions deviate from one are shown in the table, resource may be calculated by the formula: N = N0*K1*K2*K3, where N0 - nominal resource; K1, K2, K3 - a longevity coefficients, which determine with the aid of curves, are shown in the Fig. ( 3 ), ( 4 ), ( 5 ).

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Field of application

The capacitors assigned for laser and detection technology, for high voltage pulse testing, for electrotechnology etc.


Manufacturer guarantees the normal work of capacitor during 12 months from the date of shipment or the resource is pointed with probability of faultless work as 0.9, depending on what will come earlier


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