Control device for triggered

vacuum switch RVU-43




Control device for RVU-43
Brief description of
Control device for triggered vacuum switch RVU-43

The control device is indended to turn on the triggered vacuum switch RVU-43.

The common view of the device is shown on the Fig ( 2 ). The device consists of the carriage with the electronic equipment are fixed on it (1), the cover (2), the high voltage transformer (3), the high voltage insulator (4), transformer high voltage outputs (5), the power cord with it's plug (6), the input signal plug (7), the earth terminal (8), the indicating lamps (9,10), the fuse (11). The power supply - from mains 220 V, 50 (60) Hz.

The control device turns on when the power cord is plugged to the mains (without the cpecial toggle switch). After ignition the red lamp "Power" the control device is ready to work. The voltage from the output of high voltage transformer must be applied to the cathode and control electrode of RVU-43. It is recommended the positive terminal to connect with the control electrode and the negative - with the cathode. The control device must be situated near the RVU-43 so as to the length of connecting wire was no more 1.5 m. If the length of connecting wire more than 1.5 m. the turn on current is decreased and turn on time is increased.

For the actuation of the control device it is necessary positive control voltage pulse 5-10 V, I=0,1-0,2 A and duration no less 10 ms. The circuit of input signal is insulated from power circuit for the excepting of the interference. The transformer secondary winding also insulated from primary winding for constant voltage 30 kV.

The circuit of the control device is shown on the Fig. ( 3 ).

The main technical characteristics
Voltage of power supply, V 220 ± 20
Temperature range, °C 10 - 45
Trigger voltage, kV 5 ± 0,5
Trigger current, A 1000 ± 100
Trigger current time, microsec 10 ± 1
Control pulse, V +(5 - 10)
Control pulse time, not less than, microsec 10
Control pulse current, A 0,1 - 0,2
Maximum frequency, Hz 1,0
Overall dimensions, mm 220x310x250
Weight, kg 6
The specialyties of maintenace

The control device not requires the special care. It is necessary to see so as to the strange objects (metallic especially) not get into the gap between the insulator and cover as it may lead to short circuit and break-down of the device. Device can to break down if supply voltage exceed 240 V.The case of device must be earthed with the aid of earth terminal.

Manufacturer warranty

The guarantee service period is one year from the of date delivery.
The manufacture assumes obligations to replace or repair control device free of charge providing the consumer follows operating conditions during the guarantee perio


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