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About production

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Production which is let out by our firm is intended for discharge-pulse and laser technologies, and also other perspective branches of engineering. Discharge -pulse technologies at the expense of huge pulse capacities selected during the discharge, allows to decide tasks, which represent significant difficulties for usual technologies. The splitting of firm breeds, magnetic-pulse punching of metals, clearing steel casting is only small list from a possible wide circle of applications of this technology.

The laser technologies also use concentration of light energy in small intervals of time. At the expense of it is possible to decide many tasks on processing super firm materials, including diamond, to receive super heavy ions of elements, to provide super high temperatures in installations thermonuclear of synthesis, to render marks on glass and other container etc.

All these technologies have a number of common elements, which unite them. In all technologies the high-voltage pulse capacitors, super-power gas-discharge arresters and power source are used. All this production is let out by our firm.

Similar production is made also by other firms, however only in our firm in Russia it is possible to get:

  • Pulse capacitors with specific energy 0,3 J/g (pulse capacitors of high specific energy);
  • Pulse capacitors with specific energy 0,2-0,3 J/g and inductance 8 10 nH (little inductance pulse capacitors);
  • Capacitors with frequency of recurrence of pulses up to 500 Гц and inductance 8-15 nH for laser engineering and other applications;
  • Pulse frequency capacitors with large, experimentally confirmed long life up to 109 charge/discharge cycles;
  • Gas-discharge arresters in cermets material the case of a type RGU, which have practically unlimited resource at the expense of an available opportunity of replacement of weared elements;
  • Super-power diode blocks with a voltage from 5 up to 30 kV and maximal current 30-100 kА (100 kA at duration of a current up to 1 мс and is less);
  • High-voltage (up to 30 кВ) compact high stability (stability up to 0,01 %) charge of the device.

Specified production is used not only for laser and pulse technologies, but also in electrophysical installations, for high-voltage pulse tests of an electric equipment etc.

Production of our firm is not limited given there. On the basis of available experience we are ready in the compressed terms to develop capacitors of individual application, which the capacities, voltage, design life and overall dimensions will answer to your requirements.


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