little inductance capacitors


Low-inductance big currents pulse capacitors with a coaxial outlet type KPIMK




Little inductance pulse capacitors


Brief description of little inductance pulse capacitors

The capacitors of KPIMK type with a coaxial terminal are designed for operation in electrophysical and technological installations where the application of switchboards of the cylindrical form is adjustable to the size of a coaxial terminal is expedient. Capacitors have polypropylene case. The terminals of the capacitor representing two rows of studs, located concentricity to one another, divided by a cylindrical barrier. According to wishes of the Customer the sizes of the terminals can be changed to fit the sizes of the necessary switchboard. Characteristics of capacitors are given in table 5, and the outlook and dimensions of the capacitors are shown in figures 13 and 14. The letter K in structure of a symbol of the capacitor means "coaxial". The maximal climatic and mechanical influences the capacitor KPIMK type can stand are similar to capacitors KPI. ( 3 ), ( 4 ), ( 5 ), ( 6 );

The main technical characteristics of little inductance capacitors

The value of the capacity of capacitors given in table 5, can deviate from nominal at ±10 %. By inductance there is own inductance of the capacitor. The tangent of a corner of dielectric losses at  f = 50 Hz is equal 0,002÷0,003. The design life is specified for a case of discharge of capacitors on loading with application of voltage in reverse polarity  no more than 10 % and +20 0C. At a deviation of conditions of operation from given in the table the design life can be approximately calculated by the formula: N =N0*K1*K2*K3*K4, where N0 - nominal resource; K1, K2, K3, K4 - a longevity coefficients, which determine with the aid of curves, are shown in the Fig. ( 3 ), ( 4 ), ( 5 ), ( 6 ).

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Field of application of little inductance capacitors

Little inductance capacitors assigned for production of high-lewel pulse current in electrophysic sets (magnetic punching, neutron generators etc.).


Manufacturer guarantees the normal work of capacitor during 12 months from the date of shipment or the resource is pointed with probability of faultless work as 0.9, depending on what will come earlier


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