Low-inductive diode units SDL type





Low-inductive diode units SDL type
Brief description of Low-inductive diode units SDL type

In case of work the capacitor bank in oscillatory discharge mode it is desirable to reduce voltage to secure resource is necessary. To avoid that voltage reducing it is necessary to connect diode unit parallel with to capacitor bank so that during polarity alteration the discharge occurs through diode unit.

The design and technology approaches are used in diode unit make it possible to assemble the sets with desirable voltage and current by means of parallel and series connection of diode units.

This case takes place sufficiently uniform (up to 10%) distribution of currents in parallel branches and uniform division in series connected diode units both transient and stationary modes. Diode unit has effective protection from switching surge. It can to perform the function of overvoltage protector in circuit.

The main technical characteristics
# Diode unit
Imax, ( * ) kA
at t0=10 ms
L ( ** ) ,
Mass, kg U, ( *** ) V f, Hz
1 SDL-1 0,05-5 30 0,15 30 30 3x10-3
2 SDL-2 0,1-10 30 0,2 40 60 3x10-3
3 SDL-3 0,1-15 30 0,3 50 100 3x10-3
4 SDL-4 0,1-20 30 0,4 60 100 3x10-3
5 SDL-5 0,1-30 30 0,6 70 150 3x10-3
  • * - when pulse duration decreases Imax grows;
  • ** - internal inductance;
  • *** - voltage drop in diode unit at I = 30 kA;
Field of application
  • in power supply circuits, when it is necessary to realize "craw-bar" mode (the parallel connection of diode unit to capacitor bank;
  • for voltage decoupling in pulse power supply circuits when load receives power supply from several parallel sources with different voltage values.
  • in circuits power supply of lasers, when diode unit connects series to commutator for improvement it's frequency responses;
  • in high voltage rectifiers when rectifier works to resistive, inductive-resistive or inductive loads

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